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Angie MacEwen

Sorry for the delay in response (and getting the new rules printed)
Here is how the new book reads in that section……
(this still may have gaps for any class that is in the club series, but not the CSC)

9.3.2 Rear Number Plate Background. Karts must run a rear number plate with the appropriate background color. This requirement will be enforced, and is in an effort to make it possible to more easily distinguish what class a kart is running in. This is helpful when there is more than one class running on the track at any given time. Background color requirement by class:
125 Shifter ? Yellow
125 Spec Shifter? Blue
125 Masters Shifter ? Black
Junior 80 Shifter ? Yellow
Novice 80 Shifter? Red
Tag Masters – Yellow
Tag 4 Cycle – White
Tag Senior – Red
Tag Junior – Blue
Mini Max – Yellow
Jr 1 Honda – Red
Jr 1 Comer 80 – Black
Kid Kart ? Yellow

(note: the Tag 4 Cycle is WHITE, not Black – sorry if I messed anyone up)