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ProKart Challenge Places Bounty on KartSport Grand Prix Honors

Citing a sense of Southern California pride and the spirit of a good rivalry, ProKart Challenge and Superkarts! USA president Tom Kutscher recently threw down a bounty to his series regulars.

“Go up to the KartSport Grand Prix and show them how we do things PKC-style!” encouraged the always enthusiastic Kutscher at the recent ProKart event at Cal-Speed. “Win any of the classes at the KSGP at Infineon Raceway, and you’ll get a free entry including tires and fuel for one of the remaining 2007 ProKart Challenge events!”

KSGP organizer Jeff Franz was pleased with the response.

“I’m a SoCal guy myself, so it’s good to hear that the SoCal community is getting fired up to steal some of the NorCal thunder at the KartSport Grand Prix. More than anything, I want to thank Tom Kutscher for his continued support of this event. This PKC Bounty Program is just one more incentive for the PKC series regulars to head to Infineon.”

Details of the program are as follows; any racer who wishes to earn a ProKart Challenge comp entry (entry fees, tires and fuel), must do the following:

– have raced in at least one ProKart Challenge event PRIOR to the June 8-10 running of the KartSport Grand Prix
– must display (2) Superkarts! USA stickers on their kart bodywork during the KSGP weekend
– must wear a Superkarts! USA patch on their driving suit
– must be declared the winner in any of the KSGP classes (Pro ICC, TAG Pro, G1, Stock Moto)

Complete details for the 2007 KartSport Grand Prix can be found at