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@Chuck D wrote:

I hate Colorado…worst state for racing besides Wyoming.

I dont know about Wyoming as a whole but I have to jump in here a put in a good word for Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne.

They let the Mini-Cup cars in last year and completly supported the program in its first year. Randy the track owner, Jerry the promoter and Dennis the track manager gave us a break and let us in the gate. 6 of the 15 Mini-Cup races on our schedule this year will be at BCS. While its been a struggle for other divisions to get races scheduled BCS said that we could race any night the track was open. BCS is not like the Kart tracks that are open through the week for practice but all I have to do is call one of these guys and the gate will be open when we get there.

They are almost as good as the people running the CSC 😀