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Angie MacEwen

I am sorry I don’t have all of the different track fees. I will try to gather them together.

Jim and Brad are at the KartExpo, so not sure when you will get responses from them.

I doubt that the CSC race entry fee will go up, probably still be $65 for the entry portion at each track. There will be an additional fee to rent a transponder, probably $10 or so. That is to encourage folks to buy their own. I don’t think owning your own will be required, but as has been stated, the ones the tracks have now are not doing so well. So, you take your chances, and have to pay attention if you rent one. Anyone who had to deal with sharing or charging a transponder on race day can tell you what a pain it is. It definitely makes race day easier if there are enough fully charged transponders for everyone.

As for pit space fees…I can look up what it was last year at each, around $20 per spot per track, and will probably be close to that this year. And extra pit passes 8-10.

With IMI repaving, I would expect that his Test and Tune fee will go up.

The Tech sheet is available on the Forms section of the CSC site, and the schedule has been corrected on that link (was there all along, only my link said htm and the page html). Silly mistake that was easy to fix. If you notice things on either the CSC site or TCK, please send a quick email and I can get it fixed.

I am working on the rulebooks. There have been some last minute things coming in, like the new Jr1 Honda rules, and so on, so that is what caused the delay. If you have any specific question on a tech issue, please let me know. For you newbies…. last year’s book is still available on the CSC site, and will give you a good idea of what to expect.

The Newbie section is very close to being online, but certainly anyone with ideas for it should email me.

That’s it for now….

Have a Great Day!!!

Angie :sun: