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Kirk Deason

@Mike Jansen wrote:

Kirk: I’ll speak for everyone and ask, are your priorities in order? :idn:

HAHAHAH, I ask myself that all the time…this time I have to prioritize that portion of my life which PAYS for my fun time. Otherwise..there will be NO fun time.

I’m mad. I wanted to try to make all of the club races.

I cant even come stand on the sidelines and watch…my pager will be going off the whole time and I’ll have to be near an interwebs connection. **Sigh**

Maybe I’ll come do time trials the weekend before.(as long as this daggone snow is gone) Then I’ll use my internet clout (HA!!) to force the track owner to use my best time from an empty track time trial as my race lap average (sounds fair, right?). Then we can extrapolate my finishing order and award me the series points that I would have gained!! It is a brilliant solution, you guys just wish you had thought of it first.