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Jon Romenesko

If anything, id say that JPM is beginning to emulate the great Mario Andretti. Lets count em…

1999 CART Champ & Rookie of the Year
2000 Indy 500 Champ
7 F1 wins (and fought for the title on about 3 occasions)
2007 Daytona 24 hours Champ

And counting…..

His versatility reminds me of Mario. Wont be shocked if he gives LeMans and Sebring a go, either. He’s a hell of a racer, and he’ll blitz the NASCAR crowd just as he blitzed everyone else. Love him or hate him, he’s a great driver, and while i’m kinda sad to see him leave F1, i cant wait to see him show the NASCAR boys how it’s all done (hes already running with the top 10). Mark my words, it will happen, and most likely this year.

Scary thing is, JPM has actually got me paying attention NASCAR. 😯