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Doug Welch

Where to start? In hind site, we should have brought new tires for practice. Ever the cheap skate, I didn’t’ and it cost us. We were a rocket on Firday morning and haven’t gone as fast since. We were going the wrong wa on handling and we qualified poorly this morning in 28th. Pre final was good to us and Greg finished in 17th. In the main, Greg was on the wrong end of the shuffle and wound up in 36 or 37 after the shuffle He took off and finished 20th.

I wish we had the camera on him but even that went aria. The power lead for the camera was broken when we opened the box and it needs to soldered back together.

Zip has been improving. He’s not last any more. For a while in the main, he was ahead of Greg after the shuffle. In the main, he was running 26th when he spun without help and was clobbered.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.