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I think a lot of people are still deciding what to do next year. I did not know when to raise a hand because we’re still not 100% positive yet. We are kinda wondering where others are going to race to assist in our decision and the meeting did little to help that. And it is a little harder to have a sense of urgency to decide based on the weather lately. Spring fever is right around the corner and we’ll see racers getting their plans for 07″ firmed up.

For us it’s just a matter of bolting a motor up and dusting off the cobbs & start getting laps. There were some other factors that hopefully the meeting or follow up mailings will firm up for 2007 that will influence our decisions for this year.

I think there is a lot more interest in Rotax that what is being indicated so far and hopefully there is enough to just run the tire that will be required for the Grands. Track time is not cheap and gathering as much data and experience with the Mojo would be beneficial. So if you decide on Rotax, competing in the series for a Tag Championship would not make as much sense to me. I would run the Mojo at the non Rotax series races as well and get tight for the big one coming up.

Good to see everyone again.