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Alright Taylor, you may be right and under all those parka’s, bunny boots, seal skins whatever they have to wear right now to survive this perpetual arctic blast, they are hottoer. But on the other hand girls riding around with the top down (convertable that is) all skimmpy attired. Well…. maybe it just a seasonal thing. Plus, if you did convince one of those Sun Goddeses to come back here, she would need something to keep her warm. Right? You like the way I think, don’t you? Age an treachery Lol!

Marc, afraid my “testing” days are over, something about a shock collar or electronic fence or something like that. Maybe it’s a leash, can’t seem to remember right now!

Hope you guys are having the time of your lives and learning something to boot.

And Richie. A fire hydrant? Do we need to chain our dogs up at the next race?

Marc. Go getcha some at the Pkc #2 baby!!!

Kartworks 303-587-4656 :cheers: