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Greg Welch

Hers the thing. Everyone says that front wheel brakes can go deeper before braking, and that is true.

HOWEVER, with front brakes you can not trail brake. trail braking is huge in TaG. Like my dad said, in ROTAX they hae allwed them all last year the the fastest guys did not run front brakes.

If we do this test, to see which is faster, I would like to be there. However they put the endurance race right on top of the Florida winter tour so a few Shockwave drivers can not make the event.

We all seem to agree that front brakes are safer, and I will run the brakes to be safer if there is no weight penalty. I would have the advantage at tracks with heavy braking, but there are NO tracks in Colorado with heavy braking. If you think we have heavy braking here go to either Supernats, Jacksonville FL, Norman OK, Norway IL, Infineon CA, Phoenix AZ, Tucson AZ, Newcastle IN, or most tracks outside of the state. I do love the tracks in state but they do not have heavy braking.

In Colorado front brakes will not be an advantage, we can go deeper into what little braking we have, however if you EVER have to brake while turning they will be a disadvantage.

If a weight penalty is applied then I will be unsafe and run rear brakes.

To do an accurate test it needs to be the SAME DRIVER Also it can take up to a full day to adapt between front and rear brake cars. One driver needs to spend a full day on front brakes, and a second full day on rear brakes. This is the only way the test will be accurate. At Centennial my best time in a front brake Rotax is 54.5 and best in a rear brake Rotax is 54.46, that sounds pretty even to me, yea?

If they are allowed at a weight difference, I will run whatever is the lightest weight.