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Mike Jansen

Like Brian Robson said in an earlier post: Mixed feelings about the whole thing re. open wheel.

Tony George has the crown Jewel, the Indy 500. TG also changed his blueprint into another spec series, ala Champ car. Kevin Kalhoven’s ego is as big as TG’s and doesn’t want to lose this battle, but his crown jewel is what – I’m trying to figure out. So both sides lose and we’re the chumps that suffer. I’d like to see both sides fail and perhaps the Phoenix will rise from the ashes. TG, love him or hate him has the $$$ to win since the Brickyard and F1 race just put money into his coffers to finance the IRL (right Brian) and that beast ain’t going away.

In the meantime, I’ll watch the other spec series, WWF err, NASCAR and see what AJ and Juan Pablo can do and enjoy it. At least they have fans in the seats and I always enjoy my middle of the race siesta.

Bitter, party of one out…