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I think that’s fair.

Brad did Marty do dyno runs in the process of approving the 9.5cc head? I’m assuming he did to come up with a 10lb weight penalty over the 12cc head. I’m sure they did some type of testing to come up with the numbers they did. I would be willing to do some on track sessions, which is what I thought it was going to come down too anyway.

What I don’t think Tom D. understands is how bad the Motori got smoked at (don’t hold me to this) most every track but Moran last year. (in sprint) They ran very good at Moran last year with a 12cc head. But at the rest of the tracks have a tough time running with the Leopard and Rotax. I spoke with Manning (importer) pretty much throughout and he was testing all year and working / lobbying Marty for some help. It wasn’t till the Tag Worlds that he got to see it first hand. What some might not know is Howie and Jerry went back to the Rotax to stay competitive in their Championships.

I do not disagree with adding weight to us at altitude, how much I don’t know. Putting it at boost port weights doesn’t seem right. And making the thing a time bomb again is not smart / fair.

We don’t want it to be a dominant engine, just a fair engine.

Not sure about Roman and the weight thing last year. He was between 5 & 15 lbs heavy. The year before with the Rotax we were 10 -20 lbs heavy (He discovered girls!)

If we’re going to do the dyno thing at Barry’s, can run a few of the most popular engines on there as well? It might be interesting to see how altitude affects the other engines too.