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Tom Dennin


Your right about the post from Rusty, the weight changes that were enforced by TAGUSA starting July 1,2005 were not applied to the CSC for the GJMS on that 4th of JUly weekend race. The new weights were enforced the following CSC race weekend.

The engine we ran last year had 12cc head and limited pipe and ignition. Sounds like weight needed to be adjusted and they did so. But if they’re going to put it in a boost port weight category at high altitude, they should give back the 9cc head the original pipe and open rpm ignition as it was homologated

There were some pretty good shoes on the Motori last year

The Motori showed itself to be a very good motor at our altitude last year with the 12cc head and limited pipe and ignition. The way it ran in 2006 dictated the weight increase of 10lbs. Now to change it with the different head and leave the weight the same. The competitve advantage is decreasing the head volume at our altitude. Now a motor that was basically equal as could be is no longer.

One other thing, no one ever says anything about how differently the addition across the board for a motor of 30lbs from TAG Sr to Master effects different motors. It is impossible to think that the addition of 30lbs to the Biland or Sonik or Motori or …. has equal impact on engine performance.

I swore after the Supernationals in 2005 that I would not run a TAG kart over 400lbs ever again. I do not care how great the engine package. At 420-430lbs running with only rear breaks is dangerous and unacceptable to me personally.