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Normally I wouldn?t even think of writing a post in regard to any TAG class. Primarily because I wouldn?t have a clue what I was talking about, (obviously this principal has not been adopted by everyone in regard to the other classes). However, in this case I feel that over the past three years I and we, in Colorado have been enlightened about the natural future of Karting, (even if the rest of the country is in the dark) and, that the answer to that future is obvious including the TAG class. What seems surprising is that proponents of this solution, (already implemented in other classes) have not already applied it to the TAG class. Particularly with the constant discussion of varying motor packages and endless weight jockeying. The very same advantages and benefits enjoyed by other classes could now benefit the TAG class. So here?s the obvious choice: 1. It?s a four stroke (?the wave of the future? anyway). 2. It has 24 reliable hp. 3. It has 12 volt electric start. 4. It has a wide power range so it will simplify gearing for the newbie?s. 5. Its EPA friendly. 6. You can buy one (or more), get parts and service at dealers world wide. 7. It measures 16?x18.5?x18?. 8. It only weighs 94.8 lbs. 9. And the very best thing is that you can buy them all day long (and will probably have to) for under $1,300. 10. Its even manufactured by one of the largest most respected engine manufacturers in the world and has a long history of reliability. I?m telling you, this is the answer to all of our TAG issues. Only one engine, you could even seal them making tech easy, one weight so no problems at the scales. True, you couldn?t race it anywhere else in the country but we all know that so few of us actually travel anyway that we can?t really consider that as an issue. Just because the rest of the country has a relatively consistent and successful TAG program doesn?t mean that Colorado can?t pioneer a new direction, go off on its own exclusive path! The answer has been right in front of us the whole time?.the Honda GX 670! The key here is to be ahead of the curve. Don?t wait until you have to have one, get one now. Be prepared. Reconfigure your chassis tubing ahead of time making for an easy transition. Driving tip: Practice every so often with your seat half way over the left frame rail so that you will be used to that. I?ve heard that an elliptical steering wheel works well with this package and that an elevator shoe worn on the right foot makes it feel almost like normal when trying to reach the throttle pedal. Some may have trouble getting used to that while walking around in the pits but I guess we could dig a narrow trench around the pits and designate a set direction for foot traffic. That would all have to be worth it, wouldn?t it?

Scott Hannum