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Just wanted to say thanks for the nice words and thoughts! (Jansen?)

Getting better every day. Tried to go to the shop Tuesday and probably over did it a little and haven’t been back since. Got Lucy and the girls at work a little riled up at me. Guess I’ll ease into it a little more next time. Just bored stiff, only left the house once in 2 weeks to have some test’s done at the hospital. My family has been great, Lucy’s been fanning me with the palm leaf and peeling my grapes for me. Roman has stayed ahead of everything that needs to be done.

At least Speed channel has had some decent racing now that Nascar is done for the season. Couple of my friends had recorded complete seasons of Moto Gp and British Touring. It’s kinda cool to watch a complete season and take in the story lines that develop.

Anyway, hope your holidays are great. Get any racing stuff? Can’t wait to get Karting again. Looks like we have some new racers coming in, which is awesome!

Thanks again,