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Doug Welch

I was at Steamboat last week and saw that they have added paving to the parking lot. Unfortunately, they did nothing to the existing lot. What they did was pave what we used for pit area the last few years. So they could move the pits to the south end and that would at least give us some new pavement to drive on.

We have more laps at CRE than any other track in the state. I still recommend it to new drivers who are looking for a place to learn how to drive a go kart. My main concerns are related to safety. The track is very narrow. There is really only one safe place to pass If a driver is not a gentleman, there will be contact. A driver who is 2 seconds slow can hold up another easily by making only one move about the start finish line on the front straight. It leads to frustration and is inherently dangerous.

In general, I’ve seen a disturbing trend towards blocking. I guess our drivers have been watching too much F1. In CRE’s current configuration, if we allow one move, it could get ugly. I personally like the old SKUSA rule on blocking. Blocking is defined as any deviation from the accepted racing line to prevent a pass. If we adopted such a rule, it would make the racing at CRE safer.