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The Kart Lift seems like a good piece if you go out alone. It has 2 loops, the rear loop cradles the rear bumper (when folded down) and as you pull back and up, the 2 loops lift the kart and you shove the base under with your foot. When you reverse the process, shocks contol the lowering rate. If you’ll be going out in the back of a pick up, the stands that are rectangular with 2 flip up arms are a little easier to pack & some have the ability to attach to your trailer hitch reciever when folded leaving the bed open for the kart and other gear. We use the scissor stands because there have allways been 2 people to lift the kart and we like the stability and work height. We hang these on the wall of the trailer. Those are the biggest differences I can think of.

Be carefull, I scratch built my 1st stand and constucted it to be able to roll the Kart out of the back of my pick up (4×4) onto the stand. Well that worked slick but it was about 4″ higher than was comfortable to lift the kart. Damn near had to “clean and snatch” to lift the kart high enough. Also, decent wheels and castors are fairly expensive not to mention steel prices are fairly steep right now. You may be better off just buying a stand.

Get one you like because you’ll spend a lot of time on it, if it’s not on the track it will probably be on the stand if not being transported. On race days the pits become a “hot pit” which means you push your machine to the pregrid unload then reload after clearing scales, you can’t return to your pit spot under power like practice days.

There aren’t any dumb questions really.