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You’re Right! And thanks! But you must have had it set on kill! Cause you had some of the best drivers in the biz, and they know how to ration the equipment if anyone does! You turn er up too much Richie?

Anyway, Schuler, Frank, Jansen (it’s time to step up for more than 20!) Kistler, Streets & Roman (and any other misfits) are ready to make you guy’s cry!

We’ll deal with the weight but, Doug, you’re stacking some talented drivers who are in a different performance level than us. 50 -60 lbs overcomable? And if weight does not affect tire, chain & equipment wear…..well, your the engineer, you tell us, we’ll run anyway. How much weight do you have to add to reach 350#? I can tell you how much we’ll be over.

Kistler, Did I hear you mention MG Reds. You’re a very sick man with a very short……………..


I like the weight formula, but the tires? How many laps did you get without failure? I would rather fumble with changing out a tire we know works. What are you thinking? Pretty sure we could change out four fresh wheels as the fuel flows.

Anyway, We’ll run.

Brian you stand the best chance for raceable weather, just “get er done” and let’s race. Also Brian, don’t think about racing yourself, we need your extreme abilities to make it a success for the rest of us. (you really have a lot under the hood as racers will learn soon)

Richie, if you don’t drive. You don’t have a hair on your a$$. (big boy for a big boy?) – (gotta be kinda hairy, isn’t it?) Cooks, if you don’t race, were bringing your Dad out to make you look bad!

Too bad a golf tourney couldn’t be had, we’ll make up for that. but this sounds like a lot of fun!

Really don’t care what the rules are, just hoping for somewhat of a equalizer for a few big drivers. And a chance to have some fun!

And any newbies, you might get more support than some of the big names competing. You may get a big shove by some of the big shops / tuners. My money may be on you.

I may be able to haul some extra karts over on a first come basis. Let me know soon as you can.

Let’s just race!