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Doug Welch

Of all the options in karting, Tag problay offers the newbe the best value for the dollar. There are several engine choices but the two most common are the Leopard and the Rotax. Both a 2 cycles. You can find many of them used right now as many racers are looking to get new karts and at resonable prices.

Of those two, the cheapest intially is the Leopard. With hard use, it will require a top end once maybe twice per season. The Rotax should go all season with out a rebuild. Both engines will consume chains and sprockets but the Leopard might consume one or two more over the season. For most racers, at seasons end, the costs of either the Leopard or Rotax will be about the same. There are other 2 cycles but none are as common as the above two.

There are some new 4 cycle options that have just come out. They are expensive relative to the 2 cycles ($2,500-3,000). Most of them are in the $4,500 range but they appear to go a lot longer between rebuilds. Typical 2 cycles are 30 to 50 hours where the 4 cycles are 200 to 350 hours.

A complete package for top line equpiment will be between $5,500 to $6,500 for a 2 cycle where the 4 cycles will be around $8,000 to $8,500.

Welcone to our sport.