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Brad Linkus

I don?t think there was one of my customers that attended the two private meetings that Scott had arraigned. All of those who attended are Comer 80 racers. If you think that a class that uses an engine that will cost $1500-$2500 or more to be competitive is the answer than you are lying to yourself. The Comer group has thoroughly thought out what is best for them, not for the rest of the group. The group of Comer racers you are referring to are not my customers they are your customers George. Five racers have asked for this engine package, not 34. Many of those listed are Briggs racers and I am sure they will not include themselves in the Comer crowd. If you used Honda engines for 20 years then you should be supporting the only engine that has been available that would suit all of the racers needs. You can put a seal on a Comer 80 and you will be sealing in the pitfalls of this engine and will never achieve parity between engines. The Comer is not consistent between engines and to seal them without blueprinting and expect parity is a joke. If you blueprint all of them you are adding to the cost big time and still not achieve parity. The same is true for the Briggs. Honda is the only engine for JR?s that has been used in racing which can achieve parity between engines without spending a fortune. The Honda engine has been used successfully in Canada and England for over a decade with written rules with a limited amount of blueprinting. The voices of five people have been heard and to insinuate that this is the consensus of all of the racers is deceiving. There are no masses that support this concept they are proposing in Colorado. There are many looking for an answer for JR?s and to leave out all of the options and falsely conclude that the Comer 80 is the answer by this biased meeting is a sham. There was not one Comer 80 that was competitive that was low budget and stock.