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Mike Jansen

Rumours are now being added to posts.
And that’s credible?

Help clarify something for me:
We’re THINKING about allowing “checkbook racing” in the form of stock engines vs blueprinted etc etc.

As parents aren’t we teaching our kids something here that’s just flat wrong? I can see it, parents with puffed out chests since they BOUGHT their way to a championship (at age level 7-12 years old) The newbie who gets into karting and realizes he or she might have talent but that’s overshadowed by deep pockets and much better technology? How long does this newbie stay in the sport with that attitude? If the MAJORITY want to go this route then hey the people have spoken.

But realize this my fellow racers: Tiger Woods and Michael Schumacher aren’t at the pinnacle of thier profession because they BOUGHT their way to the top, they EARNED it by hard work, sacrifice and focus.

Why do you all think ICC pro class is dead here in Colorado? Checkbook racing. Period. What classes are largest and most competitive? TaG, Spec Honda and MiniMax. See a pattern between the two?

Here’s an analogy; aluminum bats for some kids fortunate enough versus wooden bats for others. Heck of a good baseball game eh?