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Exactly it is an opinion rather than bashing that you see this being. Even in Nascar they have a minimum speed to maintain otherwise the car is removed as well. If one of those cars on the track was lapped every ten laps it would be removed. In a 24 hour race I can definately see passing the same car many times, and yes thats a lot different than a ten lap race. Maybe I should have kept my thoughts and opinion to myself. I can also say that if my kid wasn’t up to speed in the class he was running I would not have him in the race. It costs too much money for me just to race for fun. Don’t read into that we are not enjoying ourselves on race day. We enjoy ourselves rather we finish first or last. If it’s just for fun then why are there points involved, and for that matter a finishing position?

Sorry to anybody I upset with this original post, but again it is an opinion.
Brian Moore