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Angie MacEwen

@Jay Luttrull wrote:

I cannot believe that everyone is acting like babies and I cannot wait till the IMI club kids kick the crap out of the CSC kids

Jay, that is such an adult and sportsmanlike thing to say. You have a right to feel that way, but why do you feel it neccesary to say it out loud (or in this case, on the forum). That kind of comment is a perfect example of what is wrong in this class. It shouldn’t be “my kid is better than yours”, but lets all go out and show the kids how to race AND HAVE FUN doing it.

I can tell you that my kids did just fine last year with motors out of the box. You don’t have to go to any extra expense to be competitive in this class. I hope the new or potential kid kart parents out there are not reading this and getting discouraged. It really is fun for the kids, and except for a few incidents last year, the racing has been fair and fun to watch on the track. The kids will learn to be better racers if the field is closer. Cheating to get your kid out front, to run by himself, and get a bigger plastic trophy, is ridiculous. And that is not to say that a kid won’t be out front, running by himself (or herself), with a box stock, legal motor. It happens….driving skills make a big difference with these little motors.

The Honda motor might make the most sense, but the way that it was introduced is the problem. Brad was very generous in offering to provide the motors, but all of the track owners were in agreement to use the supplied Comer motor program. Brad was willing to put in the money and effort to get the motors, but all four track owners agreed that using the Comer supplied motor was worth a try this year, to pull this class back in check. It was only when Brad changed the motor to be used without consulting the other CSC track owners that it got messy. Yes, some parents were concerned, too. It means more time, effort, and money, to go practice. Because unless you buy a Honda set up to practice with, you have to rent one, and put it on for the day. Not a huge deal, but still one more thing to do.

This year will expose the karters to the Honda motor, and to a supplied motor program at IMI. Then, we can use that information to go forward to next year.

Off my soapbox now.