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Some pictures from the Information Booth

This signboard was on my kart and the TV saluting Michael.

I think the booth was a hit among the fans that attended. Yes, the number one question was “How fast do these go?” and number two was ‘How Much?”. I must have spoke to about 1000 people over the two days. Passed out about 250 flyers on the tracks and shops in the state. Lots of interest on the kid kart as well as adults. Everyone seemed suprised that we start at 5yrs old and go to 60. Had a Stars of Karting, Oversteer, and Roman On-Board videos playing all the time.

Thanks to Shockwave for a demo kart and to Scott Hannum for the kid kart. Thanks to Kurt Freiburg for the bio breaks, but everytime I returned to the tent, he was telling someone about my little flip at Grand Junction. Thanks to whoever layed out the VIP tents, my view of the Hooters tent was excellent. It was hard to decide which way to spectate, Hooters or Karts?