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Kurt Freiburg

Keep in mind that the YZ250F costs $3900, plus you have to find someone who will make a mount and pipe for you, plus find/make a 428 drive sprocket (or find 520 rear sprockets) since bike and shifter karts use a different chain size, plus find/fab a J-Arm, plus ???$$$. And who’s going to help you to tune/troubleshoot it?

Not to mention there’s no plan to include them in the shifter classes, as far as SKUSA is concerned.

There is a complete spec 4 stroke 225cc Yamaha air cooled kart called the Exciter, but not too many places run it, and the ones that do are in the Midwest.

If you want low maintenence, try stock moto (if you’re a senior). Half the cost of the 250F, and lots of special parts and help available.

Or if you really like 4 strokes, see Brad about a Biland (it’s not a shifter, though).

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea too, but until cheaper moto two strokes disappear there won’t be much interest from the sanctioning bodies.