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@blink wrote:

Jim, since you won’t be at the race who is going to be the one to check birth certificates? We all know this is about one child. Are you going to single out one person? If that is the case everyone under 16 better have a birth certificate with them or maybe I won’t let them race either. I can’t believe the only way for some parents to have their kid win a race is to use age as a issue and keep a fine driver from competing. Jim, I think you should be the one to look this little girl in the eyes and tell her that she is not allowed to race.

Obviously you don’t care what would happen to that “little girl” when she gets hurt.

Actually, maybe you don’t understand what “insurance” and “liability” means.

“Because this is an insurance and liability issue, Joe from SKUSA has asked me to post this message.
Proof of age for your driver may be required at registration.
Please be prepared to show proof of age with your registration”