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Rodney Ebersole

“2. Karting in general is too expensive. Built ICC engines cost as much as the entire kart and engine did just 5 years ago. “

It is OK to have one or two classes of the most expensive motor known to karting. But when CSC said all the shifter classes can use them, that’s when I said, nope I ant going to do it. Not racing for one season in the CSC is saving me enough money to build a building that will last me a life time. After seeing life with out racing it will be hard for me to justifie going racing again. There may be enough “new racers” to keep things going, but if you can’t keep the old racer interested in it, the new ones wont last long either.

A lot of little things that add up to = I might as well stay home.
Trading in a great $30.00 air filter for a $150.00 one that doesn’t filter any dirt.
Requiring $7.00 race fuel in motors that are designed for pump gas.
Buying into SKUSA’s organization and then not following it’s rules.
$400.00 “cheep” low engagement clutches that break- a lot.

I once said that racing go karts was the best bang for the buck, but now I would have to say that practicing racing your go kart is the best bang for your buck.