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Angie MacEwen

Stacey, there was a recent “clarification” to the K80 rules. As of July 13, they MUST run an airbox. Due to the 30 days procedure of SKUSA, your race falls before that date, so technically, unless you require it as a track owner, they do not have to run the airbox. The remaining 3 events there will be no question.

My mistake, too, just noticed that I did not post this notice on the CSC site rules page.

Superkarts! USA
Noblesville, Indiana
June 14,2005

It has been brought to our attention that there is a contradiction in our rule book. Specifically under Comer K -80 rules regarding air filter usage. As a general rule Superkarts! USA wishes to have all classes running approved intake silencers. After contacting IKF, the originator and partner of the Comer K-80 rules, they informed us they are enforcing use of the air silencer in this class. In order to maintain rule continuity and clarify our induction silencer rules for JR1, the following updates are being posted.

Effective thirty days of this release (July 13, 2005) JR1 rules will read as such. Engine Additions: Conventional Starter nut is legal. Engine must be run with supplied clutch and muffler. NO exhausts leaks permitted. All must be as supplied with engine and all subject to tech. Induction silencer: Must use approved induction silencer with maximum of two baffles each not to exceed 23mm (.905?) in diameter and 95mm (3.74?) minimum length.

Thank You,
Todd Bellew
Superkarts! USA
Director of Race Operations