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Jim Keesling

As SKUSA Mountain Region Director, I would like to stand on my soapbox for a few moments regarding the TaG Weights. To start off I need to make a few points. 1) I totally agree with wanting level racing. 2) If there are differences, weight can help level the playing field. 3) The racing arena is completey the wrong venue to make such a decision. The results should be a guidline for any decision.
That being said, I now put a challange out to any track owner, rules creater and organizer to do the research to create a forumla on the effects of weight and time on a go-kart.
I know Doug Welch will have his two cents, however, he has an engine package and has a vested interest in how the results will affect his team. I know I have an engine package and have an interest in how the results will effect my team.
I want somebody to take two exactly identical karts (same motor package), one driver, 1 closed track, 1 day, several sets of tires, and test the times of adding or subtracting weight on a kart. The karting community needs to know what effect 5, 10, or 15 lbs. really makes in seconds around the track. The test should be completed with all TaG motors. Using racing results adds too many variables to the forumla (home track advantage, experience of driver, different times of the day, wear on tires…) This testing isn’t going to be cheap, and will take some time, however, when some organization puts out a rule change, at least there is some data to explain why.
My other challange to the rules creaters… Why are we always adding weight? What happens to the kart when we start taking weight off? Are the TaG senior drivers all on a diet, or is there room to level the playing field from the other side of the equation?
Once somebody has done the proper testing ON THE TRACK and not on a Dyno, we will have real answers to the effects of weight and the karts. We all know what the HP output is of each of the motors, however, lets look at the whole picture and start collecting the data to make an educated decision to level the playing field, if it needs it.
This is why I agree the best decision is to do nothing regarding the TaG update. They didn’t show any documentation regarding the decision, and the results of putting the weight on any of the motor packages.
See you at The Track,