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How ’bout we stop the speculations and lies!

I’m the dad of the “driver in question”, and I’m getting tired of reading on these threads for the last few months from all the know-it-alls, that think they have to pass judgement on situations that they did not even witness, nevermind having any first hand accounting from anyone involved.

blink, I don’t know where you got your info from, but it’s obvious you didn’t witness this!

When Taylor approached the accident, there was the first corner worker with a YELLOW FLAG to slow her down, which she did. On the other side of the accident was another corner worker with a YELLOW FLAG! Not sure how this was to help with the location of the accident, but that’s fine. Better to have too many than not enough. At this point I noticed Bobby waving the RED to get the corner workers attention. Taylors fault is that after leaving the accident area she did not look for the next corner flag, in this case the Start/Finish line, to be sure it was o.k. to get back up to speed. She only assumed it was a local caution only and she could proceed with the race.

After she got stopped and inline I went out to talk to her about the mistake and found her extremely distrout and upset about what she then realized what could have happened! She’s no dummy to this sport, she’s been around race cars, tracks, and garages all her life. But she is a 10 yr. old ROOKIE behind the wheel. Stupid mistakes will happen. She very selfconcious about not wanting to be the track idiot, and practices very hard and often to improve herself.

She knows what the flags mean and what she needs to do when she sees one. She dragged me over to Bobby after the driver’s meeting at the first race to clarify what a couple of them she hadn’t seen before meant.

Yes, this could have been very bad if she had plowed right into the group at the start/finish line. SHE KNOWS THIS!!! And WE are very thankfull that this turned out to be a non-accident. All the talk, talk, talk in the world can not prepare any of us for every situation on a race track. Sometimes, unfortunately, we have to learn from experience.

Let’s remember, these are KIDS we’re talking about. Just trying to learn as they go along. Some of them have been doing this for a few years, others are just now figuring this out. I’m all for any special training you want to bring on, I’ve worked on it alot before the first race. But I can’t even get answers on rules and points here, so don’t mind if I get a little gruff with the topic of making things any better. Especially after the multiple pages of fighting between the tracks promotors/owners earlier this month.

Russell Bezanson, father of
Taylor Bezanson,#64 Jr.1 4-stroke