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Rodney Ebersole

Thanks for your feedback Doug.
In the begining of this topic I did admit that I am new to the shifter classes.
Sorry, I must be wrong in my thinking that there are inequities between well built and driven ICC and Honda Motos. I am still confuzed as to why then is the top of our ladder system called Pro ICC? I see you mentioned the great reliability you experianced with your moto package,which I should have boughten at the begining of the season, yet if you did race this year again in the pro class would the moto motor be allowed in Pro ICC? I just don’t understand, I get a few people telling me and showing some facts that there is no differences between using an ICC or a moto motor to get to the front, yet our system is in place and doing well at promoting the ICC.
Then top it off with a stock honda moto only class of S3 as being the stepping stone that ends at the top with an ICC. Where is the stock ICC at in the system?
I guess I am too stuck on my old thoughts of a 1 engine class of racing with blueprinting rules that seperate which class it gets used in rather than what class the driver decides to enter in.
O-well, you know what, shifter racing is much bigger than TAG in CSC if we would just race it like TAG with one light class and one heavy class. The only purpose I see at this time for S1 and S2 is to let slower drivers with a detuned moto get some trophies.

Doug, Did Mike Frank buy your Swedtechs?