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In support of the Honda CR125 Moto:

Although I am not racing this year (just closed on a house this morning) I have several comments to add in support of a properly tuned (and driven) moto-powered shifterkart.

1) I have the clockwise track record at IMI on a Moto.
2) I typically qualified in the top three of the Pro class at all CSC tracks last year on a Moto
3) I did not rebuild a bottom-end or have any “terminal” failures last year on a Moto

With that being said, I certainly think that the Moto will more than keep up with an ICC if it is properly tuned and driven. Just ask the Pro class guys that I raced against last year….

In addition, this past weekend at IMI, Mike Frank qualified third in G1 (less than 0.4 off pole) on a Moto and was unfortunately battling some understeer issues. Had his kart been handling properly, the pole would have been a definite possibility.