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Rodney Ebersole

Thank you for the responce. From this insider it looks like CSC made a poor call. In 2004 icc’s in Colorado (CSC) were a minority and the moto motors were a majority. Even if I am wrong and they were split equally, in 2005 CSC wrote the rules for the most amount of change for the shifter racer.
They elimated any class for the old die hard moto to run well in while opening all the classes for the newer icc’s to take the lead.
No wonder why I was so confused this winter while I was tring to descide which class to start my shifter experiance in. There wasn’t one.
O well, at least this time I am glad I didn’t have a bunch of extra money to buy into the ICC thing. CSC had me going there for a while, as I am just a local racer changing to shifters and thought for a moment that I would have to start collecting ICC’s to be competitive in my own state.
There must not be a shop in Colorado building good moto motors. If there was they should have been screaming about the 2005 rules.
2006 already looks like a better year for this old karter. Maybe by then I’ll have all my yard work done, some money saved up and ready to race.
We still need to work on this high priced gas crap. Hay, how about the S-1 class gets to use meth for fuel next year, unknow, just as a fade or transition into using a more affordable, inviromentily freindly, better performance race fuel. 😆