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Mike Jansen


Thanks for showing the love!
I was in Laguna Beach helping my brother be a single parent last week 🙁
My Niece will be here for CSC #3 so I can say to y’all, “my niece is cuter than your niece” Besides, she thinks “Unka Mikey” is the bomb since he took her out of school to see Star Wars (she aced her test so it was a reward…)
My ribs are healed, the new seat is the bomb and injured ribs will be a thing of the past!
And barring the mechanical nightmare I had at CSC#2 I think you all are in trouble! I’ve been lifting and running so I am ready for a 20 lap prefinal and 20 lap final!

T&T monday after i get back from Indy. Go Buddy Lazier! Go Danica! (only if i can be the trophy boy… 8) )