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I love you posts, your personal attacks and quite frankly your sheer ignorance.

Yes, you let me borrow a Biland to run a club race at IMI. I didn’t weigh in before, during or after practice and in fact I didn’t have a transponder on for time. I brought your kart over, dropped it off and so no thanks to racing it….it’s was kind of like the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George shook Mr. Potters’ hand (me being George of course).

In regards to misdealings at IMI, I’ve had a few but the most flagrant disregard for ethics is when I bought 2 rotax motors from you. I clearly stated to you that they were to be brand new out of the box ’02 motors and we agreed on a price that was $200 less than you were asking. I ended up paying your jacked up rate because you were holding my karts for ransom and wouldn’t release them until I paid you what you wanted. AND TO TOP IT OFF, I got 2 very used, very rebuilt motors. In fact, one was a converted junior motor. I found this out after I sent the motors to California for a fresh top end and called you on it and all you did was refer me to your “distributor”.

The second crappy deal I made with you was to buy one of your “brand new” Gold Eyrie chassis’ that was hanging on the wall. I wanted a 30mm chassis, I asked you if it was a 30 mm chassis and said it was. I ended up buying the chassis only to find out that the damn this was a 32mm chassis that was hanging on your wall for 2 years.

Here’s the problem, not Caveat Emptor (sp), because I should have done my research on my own. The problem is that I clearly stated to you, as the owner of the business, what I wanted and you lied to me.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to win the inagural CSC Tag Championship with a Rotax (that I bought from Sam Walls, not one your motors), not just for personal accomplishment but more to shove it in your face that a Biland didn’t win and a rookie kicked your drivers ass on his own home track.

As to cheating? Do you remember Benny, or his he still in jail? At the 2nd CSC race at IMI he was running a Margay chassis with a Biland but didn’t have any lead on his kart. He came in after Q, Pre and Main and was quickly ushered off the scales. I went over to him after the race (which I won of course) and asked him how a Margay with a Biland could run at higher weights without any lead. He stood there shocked for a while and finally stated that it was due to the bigger radiator……..right.?!?!?! Two weeks later I asked him again if he was under weight and he freely admitted that he was ATLEAST 20 pounds light.

Personally I could give 2 shits about you or IMI, I just love pushing your buttons and causing you to come on public forums and completely make an ass out of yourself.

Good luck at Supernats…..oh wait, you’re no longer the Biland importer so I doubt you will be there….nice work.