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Doug Welch

@blink wrote:

Bring your EasyKart to the next CSC race and see how you do against the Biland, Leopards, Sonics and the other TAGS.

I get a kick out of these “my karts faster than your’s” type of arguments. They make for great fun and done in the proper light, they can build excitment and participation.

But for the record, a KGB with a Rotax is the fast kart at IMI. According to the times that are posted on this site, no other combination has come close to the times this particular combination (kart/motor/driver) has put down. The time to shoot for boys and girls is 53.7. This year, the times should be about the same, maybe just a bit faster as we have to run 10# more weight but the MG tires are a bit quicker than the ‘stones we ran last year.

Lets settle this at the track.