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Dave Galegor

Blink (Brad),
For the third time you really don’t know me.
(and your certainly don’t know my net worth, and that’s none of your
business anyway, isn’t it?)
And for the second time, I’m happy with the way thing’s worked out
regarding the Biland.
I’m just a guy who paid money to race at your facility and bought parts.

I can accept the fact that you don’t like spec. class racing.
I can accept the fact that you don’t like the Easykart.
I can personally accept just about anything you care to throw my way.
You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine.

You really don’t know me or what I’m about.
Frankly, I love this sport. I love the competition, I love that fact that it can bring together close relationships between parents and Son’s / Daughter’s.
I love the fact that it gives adults the chance to live a dream that they might have had at youth again. There is a lot that I love about this sport.
I’m about building this sport. For the sake for the sport it’s self and the people who participate in it.
Since you really don’t know me, you wouldn’t know that I put a lot of time and energy in building this sport.

What I don’t understand is why you believe the way make your business look bigger is to try to knock down all the other ones around you.
I don’t understand that when someone has a different opinion than yours
you resort to personal attacks.
( An come on Brad, don’t you think it’s a little third grade-ish to call me a turd?)

If you re-read my post you will notice that I just tried to get you to pay attention that your customers are reading what you post.
Then all I did was answer your questions.
At no time had I resorted to personal attacks on you.

With this post I’m done with you, I’ve said what needed to be said.
And have decided to agree to disagree.
The discussion is over.