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Brad Linkus

Actually I have sold seven Bilands this month, four on Margay karts, not embarrassed about that or the Supernats.

If you seach for Margay wins you will find out the only class they don?t dominate is shifter.

Margay Dominates With Nine Wins at Daytona (1/14/04)

Margay Drivers Score Eleven Wins at WKA Gold Cup Opener. (5/18/05)

Margay Products is considered to be among the most successful kart manufacturers in the United States. Based in Saint Louis, Mo., the family-owned and operated company has been a leader in the karting industry since the company?s inception in 1964. Margay supports drivers in all divisions of karting and has produced the winning karts for countless local, regional and national champions. Celebrating their 41st year, Margay is now guided by third generation family member, Keith Freber.

Bring your EasyKart to the next CSC race and see how you do against the Biland, Leopards, Sonics and the other TAGS.