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I find your story interesting, exactly who was the owner of Biland you spoke with? The company was a Corporation with shareholders, not owned by any individual ever; there was not an owner of Biland. What were you offering to him that he would be bummed out about that they did not sign a contract with you, because your wife is Swiss? I really don?t think that you were in a position to invest in 175 engines, thousands of dollars in spare parts, a machine shop to do service for the engines, technicians to do the service and $80,000 marketing program for three years.

I get dozens of requests from racers every year for me to sponsor them for tires, fuel, engines, etc, whatever. What would I get out of giving everything away to them? The answer is, not much in return. If telling you no thanks, not interested, makes me an a?hole then I guess I?m a a?hole. It was not necessary for me to have someone promote the Biland in Colorado. There was only my track and Bandimere at the time that you could race one anyway. I did not need help for Colorado as I was doing fine on my own; everyone knew who sold the engines and where to get them. You and your son just started racing, had only one year of experience and were not running in the front with what you had anyway. I asked you what it was that you could do for me that was worth a $3500 engine. Your offer was not very convincing as to what you and Bret could do to help me set up dealers in the USA, which was my main mission at the time. I could tell you were really disappointed when I was not interested if your offer. I don?t know what ?crap? it is that you took from me, other than ?sorry, not interested?.

There is always a place for a cheap go-kart like the EasyKart and I have no problem with them racing in TAG. I just do not think that they should have their own class when it is really a TAG kart, so what. It would have been great to have a class for the Biland too but I gave up on that idea before TAG was even started. It always comes to driving ability and I don?t think the $400 difference between a Margay/Leopard package at $4800 and a $4400 EasyKart makes racing any more affordable in the long run. You usually get what you pay for and the EasyKart is a perfect example. The soft MG white tires do not seem to me to be a tire I would have picked if economy was the primary focus of the EasyKart package.

You say I have this venom for other karting shops. That is not true, I only have a problem with George Durdin which has been going on for years and he has made his own bed and is going to have to sleep in it, even if it is under a bridge. You seem to give a ?crap? more than anyone else has about this subject and if you choose not to race at my track because you do not like my opinion, than don?t, this is the USA, land of the free. I guess you won?t be going for CSC points if it means that much to you to try and get back at me for saying ?NOT INTERESTED?. This is just go-kart racing and I think some people take it way to serious.

If your going to be a turd, you might as well lay in the yard with George.

Field a driver in a race down at CRE in a Biland and I will beat them with my Easykart.

Track Owner Vs. Track owner

Spec Vs. Whatever level “Suitcase”, ala, “Cheater” motor you want

I would have probably bought a Biland too, but obviously you’re more interested in putting yourself out of business.

How many motors do you sell a month? 1?2 ?

Last time Alex Speed, Alan Sciuto, and any top level shifter driver checked, BIRELS WHOOP margay’s behind. PERIOD

You’re an embarrassment to Colorado Karter on Ekartingnews for your SuperNational Fiasco.

Need I say enough Dave?