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Your right the people at the other tracks have for sure seen my stripes and spots as you put it. I don’t try to hide who I am or what im about. If its slanderous what I have said about you or your track “take me to court”. I do have the documentation to back up anything I have put on this forum about you and C.R.E.. I know you want me to quit being a nemesis to you, but in your case think of me as an S.T.D.. I never go away and can re-occur at the most inconvienient time. Why don’t you post the email that you sent to your followers about me? If anything is slanderous it would surely qualify.

Brian Moore
father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

P.S. might want to look at your computers mailing list. I am sure you wonder how im getting emails from you??? Bet you can’t figure it out. Wow a new challenge for you to work on.