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George Durdin

You don’t change the spots on a leopard or the stripes on a zebra…….you were selfish, self centered and made a TOTAL fool out of yourself at CRE and you’ve carried your spots and stripes with you to the CSC. You’ve got to be crazy not to think that the good folks in the CSC haven’t already seen the spots and stripes for themselves; I’m sure they know what their dealing with by now.
By the way most of the racers and their families that were here to endure and were embarassed by your childish behavior are still here supporting the effort to build our communities karting program.
I hope Bob has gotten the well intended message about scurilous lies and gossip…… are the last person to preach about being disgusted with lies, gossip and backstabbing; the garbage that you’ve been spewing over the last two years borders on slander.
Once again, I would ask that now that you’ve found Nervana that you would give up the ghost and go on about your business. Enjoy kart racing with your son and family and drop the slander against CRE. I hope you understand this well intended message.