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Mike Jansen

Girls Girls Girls!

Like Rodney King said years ago and it still applies (and for you too young to remember) “Can’t we just all get along?!”
I didn’t know that this was a Whining forum. If I wasn’t leaving for the Indy 500 tonight I’d get a few “DEPENDS” and pass them around. You know, good for a few … well you know…
:peace :soap
This is all ancient history. Let it go. Like a dead horse, the more you kick it the more it starts to smell…
Next you’ll all want to dicuss the Kennedy Assasination Conspiracy…
I’ll plagarize (But not claim I am an Indian like that idiot up in Boulder who shames the name Churchill) a gentleman in California… “If I gave you all a solid gold go kart, half of you would complain about the color!”