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My real name mr moore is Robert s. Reed i live in Denver . my spelling is bad and so is my grammer. and really regret that , its the best shot that down south can take at me. also while im at it let me tell anyone who cares Blink has never screwed me out of a dime and has kept more people in the game with credit,xtra good deals wear profit wasnt an issue. i have never been sold a membership to a sanctioning body wear i never received a card or rule book let me think was it the IKF or WKA . Makes a person wonder wear that dough went???my son has only been denied the chance to race once guess wear ? well it wasnt IMI or j.b. at bandi. Blink and J.B. have been as good gold to me my daughter and my son . p.s. for those who intellectualy challenged just call me BOB is that easy enough, its not rupert or ralf etc etc. jed