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George Durdin

You need to find some informants that can count, spell and write an intelligent sentence. Rotax Challenge participation numbers are down but so are the TaG, CSC and IMI numbers. The CRE Rotax Challenge has had sixteen total entries in the each of the first two events.
It seems to me that rather than worry about the health of the CRE program you should be looking to the dramatic downturn of your program over the last three seasons…..your numbers indicated that you averaged 118 racers per event in 2002 and as of yesterday you are now averaging less than 65. I’m not satisfied with our participation numbers but I don’t think you have much to brag about given the large population base in your market.
CRE is averaging 5.28 racers per 100,000 population base in a community of 530,000……..IMI’s average,as of yesterdays results is 2.7 racers out of a population base that exceeds 2.4 MILLION ! Neither number is any reason to brag and only points out the unreasonable division and lack of co-operation between the front range track owners and the lack of marketing being done to bring new racers to the sport.
I’m not satisfied with our participation but at least I’m not gloating about our mediocrity………Dennis Dyer, Donna and Amy Lessor, Cris andGunter DeSanti spent Sunday at the AMA races being held at PPIR promoting not just CRE but our sport in the state. We will continue to promote our sport in our market all through the season. I sent potential Denverite racers your way yesterday. Exactly what are you doing to improve karting in your market outside of constantly slamming someone else’s best efforts in another community? Why do you feel that all kart racers on the front range of Colorado are your sole domain?…..and that they should only be racing at IMI.
Rich Vito is a great guy and I appreciate him participating in the Rotax Challenge but it is a long and dangerous drive from Longmont………….and IMI is a long and dangerous drive from Colorado Springs for Southern Colorado racers. So why should Southern Colorado racers be forced to travel north of Denver, twice a month to race just because you feel that you are the only one in the state that can put on an event?
The health and future of our sport will not turn around until you step down off of your horse and start giving back to the karting community, promoting our sport in a positive light and co-operating with other businessmen involved in Colorado karting. Our sport is not healthy right now and is in fact dwindling in numbers. You have a vested interest in co-operation.