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To all y’all folks who think the rotax is dead, I think, NOT!!!! We’ve got Ron’s rotax twisting 13, 700 with out really doing anything illegal according to TaG USA. People forget certain engines tend to do better at certain tracks, they also forget your set up has a lot to do with your times also, and last, but not least, lets not forget the driver and what skill level they’re at. We’ve had our worst luck at IMI where we should be strong and have had our best luck at Bandi, where we shouldn’t be as good. After Ron finished second between Kyle Ray and A.J. Whistler, with Kyle in a leopard and A.J. in a beland factory motor Id say the rotax faired pretty well. Also in the TaG masters Jay Jacabelis finished a very strong second only .6 off of Gagne so tune your engines, learn to drive, have some fun, and do the best with what you’ve got and quit whining.
Mean every word of it,
P.S. Doug, Greg would do just fine