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Brad Linkus

I have a tree in my front yard that is not dead yet, it still has one branch that has buds on it. How many Rotax entries did you have on the first RMC race, more, less, or the about the same as last year? TAG has changed the picture for Rotax and EasyKart, I do not think they will survive as stand alone classes for much longer at most tracks. The concept was a good one before there were more motor choices and TAG. The reality is that TAG is the fastest growing class in karting and racers go where the participation is strongest. SSC only drives people away from the class when they pick a spec tire no one has heard of which is hard as a brick. It was a $$$ decision for them I am sure. I would rather have my kart handle with good tires than have to race on tires that you have to fight to stay on the track, it takes the fun out of driving. Just because everyone has to run the same thing does not make it any more enjoyable.