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Jim Keesling

Tom, Tom, Tom…

Where o where did you find the time away from concerns this weekend of track direction, gearing, 3 or 4 tires to use, jetting, seat placement, trailer set-up placement, weather forecast and lunch to worry about my little project??? (ha, ha)

The Tec-Pro are loaded in the race trailer, the karts and suits are loaded in the mothership trailer, and I will test the track Friday evening around 6PM. Saturday, a pre event parade is happening, so the Dog House Racing team will be showing off their colors in full force, all covered by WB2. The track opens at 11:00 am Saturday and will stay open until 6:00pm both Sat and Sun.

450,000 are expected to attend and it should be quite a showing…
I have two private parties from 4-6 Sunday and 2-4 Saturday for the TV crews and the event promoters. Aj and Justin from RUSport will be in attendance, so we should have some fast times set to try to beat.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. Have fun up at the CSC.