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My driver (daughter) does notice a diff. btwn lft & rt corner She says lefts are extrtemely loose, rights feel good.
Extremely loose meaning she has to back off alot, where others are able to keep there foot in it.

At the track, we started off so loose she couldn’t get through
the corners at all without looping it all the way around.
I pulled in the rears 2.5″ through three adjustments (1″,1″,1/2″).
to the point of the hubs being right up against the axle mounts.
Better and better each time, but still too loose for the main.

I also adjusted tire pres. slightly, no more than a .5#, not wanting
to make too many changes at a time.

As far as scaling, she was in the kart during the check.
We did try adjustments on the bottom pills which made the readings
better. I have since puchased and installed upper pills, but have not
been on the scales. next possible day to use them would be Wed.

Both of us, Myself and the friend w/ the scales, have years of
stock car exp., but are just learning this kart thing with our kids.
Meaning, we know about scaling (level, foot/hand placement, zero out)
but we do not have the laser alighnment tools. My alignment
techniques so far are with eyesight, a good tape measure, and
bubble level (construction style).

Thanks for the input and questions, with three weeks till the next
race I want to fix this right (if possible).