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Curt Kistler

I spoke with JB on a Rainy Monday this week.

The CSC race #2 at Action Karting will be run Counter Clockwise with practice being run this weekend and next Friday and Saturday. Pit spots are being pre sold by just calling or going on out there to visit with them.

A new asphault apron has been laid to allow for a “Hot Lane” to keep the racing safe during qualifying for the spectators and other racers wandering around. This should keep Rusty from yelling at the “Hot Shoes” for cutting through there at 25+MPH.

As far as the “Newbee’s” go. You will definetaly want to get as many laps in prior to the CSC race. Bandi is the tightest and most technical track you will drive on this summer. The split decision making skills you need will be very important to keep the day moving and your competition on the track, not on the rocks.

Some of the best crashes have been logged at Bandi in the past. Am I correct Chaz and Ian?

See you all out there, and lets pray for :sun: