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Mike Jansen

I am going to step in on this one…

First, the weather in the ‘Springs is good according to a client of mine and should be this weekend. But you know Colorado…

Second, my first race as a newbie I qualified mid pack. I was comfortable with wheel to wheel and I KNEW MY LIMITATIONS. If you don’t feel comfortable then by all means move to the back, at your discretion. Just don’t make a banzai move in a corner thinking you’re Schumacher or a Senna. That is what gets my blood up. Again, know your limitations.

Finally, we’ve talked about marking the newbies with an “x” on the rear plate, helmet, seat whatever. As long as it’s done then I/we know what we’re up against! And yes, it should be enforced and I for one will bring it up at the next race. I am not singling anyone out, I just want others to know that yes, you might get nervous side by side or in close proximity and I am going to look out for you and myself, nothing else. Aspire to rid yourself of the “x”. That should be your goal! Look at Kimi Raikkennen, he was on probation his first race in F1 then qualified midpack and the probation was gone after the race!